Difference Between CNC horizontal & Vertical Band saw Machine

A band saw machine is a power device with a cutting edge that has teeth on one edge to cut different materials. It is intended to cut bends, circles, and sporadic shapes on bits of wood or metal despite the fact that it can likewise cut straight lines. The band in the machine rides on two wheels that pivot on a similar plane. 

There are essentially 2 critical kinds of band saws relying upon their utilization, Timber cutting band saws are utilized as a part of timber factories to tear amble. This kind of band saw should be overhauled frequently by observed filers.

Metal cutting band saws are worked for contact cutting of metal and they have brush wheels that keep chips from being stuck between teeth. A metal cutting edge additionally has a metal cooling framework to wash away chips and keep the sharp edge greased up and cool. This article will center around band saws for cutting metal.

Types of Band Saw Machines Available for Metal Work:-

1. CNC Horizontal band saw machines are utilized as a part of holding workpiece stationary while the sharp edges swing down through the cut. These are utilized to make cuts in huge pieces, for example, bar stock or pipe to length. It is typically utilized as a part of enormous assembling organizations and metal manufacture stores since it's ready to cut materials from plastics, delicate metal, titanium, graphite and even outlandish metal. It is advantageously little in estimate and can hold the work piece set up so the sharp edge can slice through. Vibration free and smooth working with lesser clamor and decreased wastage are highlights of an advanced level bandsaw machine utilized as a part of mechanical applications.

2. The vertical band saw is otherwise called the form saw in the light of the fact that the edge is kept stationary and the workpiece is moved intermittently crosswise over it. This sort of a band saw is typically found at home and nearby shops. They are little in measure and require less power. It is utilized to cut flexible metal utilizing its roundabout unending edge for muddled cuts. Vertical bandsaws have an inbuilt sharp edge welder for repairing broken edges or enable the edge to be intentionally sliced with a specific end goal to do inside cutting. It additionally has a blower for cutting-edge cooling and to overwhelm the chips from the work territory.


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